how do you bank?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

With a premise of asking simple core questions, we can analyze 'why' we make behavioral decisions. This includes the financial choices we make.  When we understand our 'why', we can then make choices to enhance our monetary outcomes.

Each quarter in 2024:
We will ask a simple question, all with the "how do you..." theme in mind.
You ponder your current situation and financial behavior.
We provide resources for you to consider.
You make choices that work for you!

Let's get started...

Everybody likes getting something extra. The free coffee after your 10th punch on your punch card. That unexpected discount at the store. 
We get it. And we think it's pretty cool too. So, how can your banking be better with rewards? Here's where you get to evaluate your current banking situation and decide what works best for you! Check out the options below to earn more. 
Extra Awards with SFCU debit card
Earn with Debit Card Rewards. With a checking account and an SFCU debit card, you earn points for your everyday purchases. Then you can redeem your points for cash back, gift cards, merchandise and travel.


Our SFCU Credit Card also offers rewards through Scorecard Rewards. With a 9.49% A.P.R., it's one of the lowest rate cards out there! Get yours today and earn points.                                                                       

These are just 2 of the many benefits you get by being a Siouxland Federal Credit Union member. Stay tuned for our next how do you...?