Electronic Services Disclosure


Siouxland Federal Credit Union
3000 Plaza Drive
PO Box 807
South Sioux City, NE 68776

By completing the following consent form and agreement you are authorizing Siouxland Federal Credit Union (SFCU) to deliver statements, disclosures and/or notices of your SFCU share and loan account(s) by electronic means. You understand and agree that by requesting electronic delivery, you will NOT receive statements or notices in paper form delivered by regular United States Postal Service mail. You agree that electronic delivery will satisfy SFCU’s requirement to provide you a periodic statement of your account(s) and all disclosures and notification of your account(s). You agree, if you do not use home banking for 6 months, you will be removed from the home banking product and will receive paper statements via the United States Postal Service.

Consent of Electronic Delivery of Disclosures
You understand and agree that we may provide the following to you in electronic format only, by posting the information on our website where you access your accounts and our products or services:
  • Schedule of Fees
  • Privacy Statement
  • Online Statement/Disclosures/Notices and E-Sign Agreement
  • Customer Identification Disclosure
  • BillPayer Disclosure
  • Courtesy Pay Disclosure
  • Home Equity Disclosure
  • Mortgage Disclosure
  • Rewards Visa Disclosure
Consent of Electronic Delivery of Notices
I understand and agree that the following notices will be emailed to me and that it is my responsibility to read them:
  • Availability of E-Statement
  • Availability of SFCU Newsletter
  • Draft payment not successfully processed
  • ACH item not successfully processed
  • ATM item not successfully processed
  • ACH returns are received
  • BillPayer payment not successfully processed
  • Courtesy payment has been applied
  • ACH returns for today
  • Loan delinquency notice
  • Payment has been rejected by BillPayer Processor
  • Email address has been changed
  • Home banking PIN has been changed
  • E-Statement selection has been changed
  • Contact information has been changed
  • Audio response PIN has been changed

    I understand that you will notify me by e-mail about any changes in terms or fees to the above services and disclosures. I also understand that the updated disclosures or new Schedule of Fees will be made available to me electronically, online or by email.

    I further understand and agree that my account statement(s) will be provided to me electronically, on an ongoing basis (subject to the terms and conditions of the Online Statement/Disclosures/Notices and E-Sign Agreement). I also understand and agree that I will not be receiving paper statements delivered via the U.S. Postal Service.
Terms and Conditions Applicable to Electronic Delivery (Electronic Statement, Disclosure and Notices):
  • I understand and agree that:
    Transactions and/or account information changes performed on any account indicated below by electronic means where my password is utilized and/or where the security procedure described below is utilized shall be considered authorized by me.

    Ongoing consent (section 2) to receive electronic delivery of statements, disclosures and notices is voluntary, and may be withdrawn at any time. I may withdraw consent at any time in writing or by sending SFCU an email to sfcu@siouxlandfederalcu.com from the email of record on my account. Such request shall become effective no later than (15) days after receipt. I may also change my consent from my home banking site.

    I will make sure that my computer system meets the minimum system requirements set forth below. In addition, I will have and will maintain a printer capable of printing any disclosures, notices or account statement that are e-mailed to me and/or made available to me from SFCU web site. In the alternative, I will maintain the ability to electronically save and visually display on my computer screen any disclosures, notices and/or account statements that are e-mailed to me and/or made available on SFCU web site.

    I may request in writing that all disclosures provided to me electronically also be provided in paper by writing to Siouxland Federal Credit Union. I understand there may be a fee associated with this. I will refer to SFCU Fee of Schedule for the exact amount.
Minimum System Requirements:
In order to receive and review disclosures, notices and account statements electronically, the following computer system requirements must be satisfied:
  • Your computer must have access to the Internet and be capable of viewing HTML web pages that utilize basic JavaScript. We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later.
  • You must maintain a valid e-mail address with SFCU for the purpose of receiving notification and communications regarding your account. Your failure to do so forfeits your right to receive statement, disclosures and notices electronically.
Security Procedures:
For ongoing electronic delivery of disclosures, notices and account statements, you will utilize the following security and you will agree that such procedures, when utilized by you, shall constitute your electronic signature and sufficient authorization for the related transactions:

Account/Statement Access - After receipt of your Electronic Services Application, SFCU will establish your login name and will assign a temporary password. You will be required to change your password to one of your choosing the first time you go to the home banking site. You will not be able to retrieve your e-statement without this password. It is your responsibility to protect this password from unauthorized use.

If you forget your password, you can enter your User ID on the home banking site, click "Forgot your Password", and you will be able to choose a new password of your choosing. You may also call (402) 494-2073 and speak to a Member Service Representative, who will reset your password.

Notifications can be sent to only one e-mail address. For example, the notification cannot go to both a work and home e-mail address.

If you have more than one account and wish to receive all of them online, please submit a single request for each account.
We reserve the right, at our discretion, to discontinue the provision of your electronic Communications, or to terminate or change the terms and conditions on which we provide electronic Communications. We will provide you with notice of any such termination or change as required by law.

In accordance with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act signed October 26, 2001, Siouxland Federal Credit Union is required to maintain a description of the documents used in identifying our new account customers, and in identifying signatory individuals added to an existing or new account. In some cases, identification will be requested for those individuals banking with Siouxland Federal Credit Union prior to the effective date of the customer identification requirements because original documentation was not obtained with the opening of the account, or Siouxland Federal Credit Union is unable to form a reasonable belief that it knows the true identity of the existing customer. In all cases protection of our customer's identity and confidentiality is Siouxland Federal Credit Union's pledge to you.