Online Banking


    • This information can be obtained through online banking or call 24, day or night.

    • Through online banking, you can set up multiple accounts and transfer between them.

    • Stop by any of our convenient locations during normal business hours.

    • The purchase limit is $1,500.00 per day and the ATM daily cash limit is $500.00 per day.

    • All loans can be set up with automatic payments or payments from your direct deposit.

    • You can receive your bank statement electronically if you have online banking. You can make this change from your online banking site or call one of our friendly MSRs.

    • Stop by one of our convenient locations and one of our friendly MSRs will assist you.

    • This can be done on our web site or at any of our convenient locations.

    • This can be done on our web site or at any of our convenient locations.

    • You may apply for a debit card at any time. Charges vary depending on the type of checking account you have. Most accounts qualify for a free debit card. There is a fee to replace a lost or stolen card.

    • It takes 7 to 10 business days to receive your debit card.

    • You can change your password as often as you like to through online banking.

    • As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to access online banking by entering your User ID, password and answering your security questions.

    • Internet banking will work with Windows XP or later versions and we recommend Internet Explorer 7 or later.

    • Funds can be transferred between accounts through online banking.

    • We use Quicken as a Personal Finance Management software. You can sign on to Quicken and import your transaction history, or you can sign on to your home banking site and export the transaction history for each share type?